About Me

Musician and Grammy winner Jacob Benjamin Fite hails from rural western Ohio. The multi-talented performer performs various instruments, including piano, percussion, and guitar.

His career as a session musician is what brought him the most fame. He's also been on the road with a bunch of famous bands. That's the case all around Ohio, the rest of the United States, and the world. Throughout his career, Fite has contributed to countless albums and singles across the globe.

Fite, a respected industry member, studied music at both Ohio University and the University of Oklahoma. Examples include the American Federation of Musicians and the Artist Rights Alliance. The artist has been working for over 20 years and has received numerous accolades for his studio and live performances.

Renowned for his musical prowess, both within and outside his employment, he is a dedicated supporter of several good causes. Fite is actively involved in many charitable organizations and has done substantial work with veterans interested in music education. Born and bred in Dayton, Ohio, he resides in the city with his wife and their two young children.

Current role and duties

Fite is an active session musician, touring pianist, drummer, and guitarist. He is now a self-employed artist rep who has worked in those capacities in the past. In addition to his session and tour work and employing his A&R background, he is also a go-to source of rising and potential new musical talent.

In this position, he regularly works with many record labels and song publishers countrywide.

Fite works with other musicians and reps for their catalogs from the comfort of his home office in Dayton, Ohio. While on the road or in a foreign country, an artist must rely on these colleagues to help him keep up with the demands of record companies and music publishers.

Curriculum vitae

Fite grew up in Ohio and attended Ohio University in nearby Athens. He got a degree in music performance from Ohio University's School of Music.

After finishing his studies at Ohio University, Fite pursued a bachelor's degree in music education at the University of Oklahoma. Having completed his undergraduate degree and worked in the music industry for two years, he then returned to the school's School of Music to earn a doctorate.

The university's bachelor's degree in music education and its doctoral academic degree in musical arts are accredited by numerous nationally renowned professional organizations. Fite also pursued a minor in jazz studies back at Ohio University in Athens before starting his decades-long music industry career.

Technical Abilities

No one knows more about the music industry than Jacob Benjamin Fite, who has worked in it for almost two decades. With both managerial and hands-on experience, his list of professional skills is as long as it is varied. The following are some of the highlights:

Exemplary work ethic

Working in a creative environment
Superb verbal and listening abilities
Completed tours with well-known bands
A record of sound judgment
superior industry expertise
Proven skill in A&R

He is an accredited member of the American Federation of Musicians, the Americana Music Association, and the Artist Rights Alliance, among other prestigious music business groups.

Music industry certifications and association affiliations

As a session musician and touring performer, Fite is an active member of various professional organizations. The Artist Rights Alliance and the American Federation of Musicians are two of the most influential organizations in which the former A&R representative is involved.

In addition to holding memberships with the American Federation of Musicians and the Artist Rights Alliance, Fite is also recognized as a component of the Americana Music Association.

American Federation of Musicians

Instrumentalists who make a living in the United States or Canada are represented by the American Federation of Musicians. The organization, with its headquarters in New York City, is headed by Raymond M. Hair Jr., a professional musician who serves as president.

Artist Rights Alliance

The Artist Rights Alliance is a nonprofit, artist-run organization lobbying for music creators for fair compensation in the digital domain. The organization's bill of rights guides its efforts to defend and support creatives.

Association for the Advancement of American Music

The Americana Music Association is a nonprofit trade association promoting American musicians abroad. Its network of artists, radio stations, record companies, and publishers exists to increase American musicians' visibility and commercial viability.

Philanthropy and humanitarian involvement

Over his twenty-plus years in the music business, Jacob Benjamin Fite has collaborated closely with many worthwhile causes. These charities and nonprofits are Education Through Music, Hungry For Music, the Jazz Foundation of America, Little Kids Rock, MusiCares, and The Roots of Music.

He has also worked closely with initiatives focused on helping military veterans gain valuable musical skills following the completion of their duty. The Grammy-winning artist is also a staunch advocate for several charitable organizations outside his professional life. The generous music business veteran has supported many more worthwhile initiatives, including:

Crayons to Classrooms

Feeding America
Habitat for Humanity International
Ohio Animal Foundation

Saint Jude's Medical Center for Children's ResearchHelping Hands Around the World, United Way

Fite and his family are regular contributors to several area food banks and homeless shelters. For the previous ten years, they have presented turkeys and other festive trimmings to several food banks and homeless charities across western Ohio during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

Personal interests and hobbies

Father-of-two Jacob Benjamin Fite enjoys working out and watching professional sports. The Dayton, Ohio-based musician's favorite sports teams are the Cleveland Guardians, the Columbus Blue Jackets, and the Ohio Bobcats.

The veteran of the music industry has the same level of enthusiasm for vintage automobiles. He has a particular liking for American muscle automobiles from the late 1960s and early 1970s. Fite has owned more than half-a-dozen examples of such cars, including a Buick GSX, a Chevrolet Camaro Z28, and a Ford Mustang Boss 302. He has also briefly owned a Plymouth Road Runner and a Pontiac Firebird 400 Coupe.

Fite is a lifetime dog enthusiast and owner who enjoys spending time with his two golden retrievers. Together, he and his family routinely go lengthy walks with their dogs in scenic surroundings near their home in Dayton, Ohio's suburbs.